Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Great Escape!

Who doesn't love sharing a room with their sibling?  Birdie and Lulu sure seem to get along fairly well.  Now that the girls have bunk beds they don't see as much of each other and fall asleep much faster.  That wasn't always the case.

We used to have a very difficult time trying to get the girls to sleep at the same time.  Often we would put one to sleep on our bed and the other in their room, and would move them once they were asleep.  On occasion we would let them "have one more chance" to sleep in the same room.

Lulu slept in a crib still and Birdie had her "big girl bed" so we were confused when Lulu came toddling down the stairs one evening.  "How did you get out of bed?" We asked. She told us that Birdie had helped her out.  Curious we ventured upstairs for an explanation.  Realizing they were not in trouble, Birdie and Lulu were happy to demonstrate.  Tada!

We couldn't help but laugh.  How cute that our little girls are willing to work together.  I am happy that they get along relatively well for little girls.  I am sure the future will bring challenges with it, they may not speak for a year when they are teens, but for now they help each other out.  Even if it's a little naughty.

If the video doesn't load, check it out at YouTube
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