Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween: Jessie, Ariel, The Football Player, Gru and the Pretty Mom

Halloween was a lot of fun.  I'm not certain that it isn't one of my favorite holidays.  It's not that I love decorating the house or carving pumpkins much, it's more that I love watching my children get excited about "spooky" things.  I loved looking at the witch that Birdie made for our decorations that she spent a whole afternoon diligently working on.  I love seeing the anticipation and planning that goes on as the family plans their costumes.  Also, I love the excuse to act like a little kid myself.  

Lulu dressed up as Jessie the cowgirl from the Toy Story trilogy.  She loves the movies at the moment and she was so darling.  Nellie made the main part of the costume as an apron which was pure genius.  It was easy to get on and off.  The hat came from the Dallas International Airport from a gift shop.  Oddly, it was cheaper than any hat at the Disney store, but was perfect for the costume.  The boots are the real deal Jessie boots and Lulu loves them.  Cutest cowgirl I've ever seen.
Birdie dressed as Ariel, which she has done at least once before, but she loves the princesses so much.  She was given the Ariel dress as a birthday present from Uncle Mike and Aunt Britt and was so excited to wear it for Halloween.  In lieu of a wig, we used red hairspray with varied results.  Like her momma, Birdie has some thick hair and we could probably have used 3 cans and not gotten full coverage.  
Tut dressed up as a football player.  Fairly generic costume, I know, but I was excited that he wanted to dress as a football player.  I feel like that means the work I have gone to in order to help him enjoy football must be bearing some fruit.  
I dressed as Gru from Despicable Me.  We all love the movie and think it's one of the funniest "kid shows" ever.  The biggest challenge to looking like Gru for a guy who already has a shaved head is his long, pointy nose.  Nellie and I visited shops looking for a witch nose or the like, but ultimately ended up with a foam cone which I shaved and shaped to look Gru-ish and then covered in masking tape and used duct tape to stick to my face.  
I got outfitted with some great evil super-villain accessories like a silly string "freeze ray" gun, a shrunken moon, some balloons that I made into balloon puppies and promptly popped, and a couple of minion mylar balloons from the grocery store.  The costume and requisite accent and oddness were enough to win second place in my company contest.  It was a lot of fun acting like Gru when our office opened up to the trick or treat portion of the day where are the employee's children come around for candy.  There were even some kids who insisted on getting a picture with me.  In the department of going completely over the top, Nellie was kind enough to make a fantastic replica of the book that Gru writes in the movie called "One Big Unicorn"
One Big Unicorn by: Gru
One big unicorn strong and free thought he was happy as he could be
Then three little kittens came around and turned his whole life upside down!
They made him laugh!  They made him cry.
He never should have said goodbye.
And now he knows he could never part, from those three little kittens that changed his heart.
The book was the hit of the day!  Most people who recognized it from the movie could not believe Nellie had made it.  Somewhat par for the course for Nellie who even made illustrations for the last page in the book which we only hear and don't see on the movie.  The past two nights I have read it as a bedtime story for our little girls and they love it also.  
It's a puppet book
Nellie declined to dress up as anything other than what she normally is: a beautiful mom.  She was great to haul the kids around and help out at school parties etc.  She is really superwoman in everyday life, maybe it's nice to not dress up.  

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