Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tubby Tuesday: Milagros

Welcome to another edition of Tubby Tuesday!  It's been so much fun to share some places that we love to eat at--I take particular satisfaction when people actually have tried out the places we've recommended through ShareThePants.  So far, we have received only positive feedback on the recommended restaurants and I expect it to continue for this weeks visit to a place of miracles, an aptly named Mexican restaurant called Milagros.  

Located in the heart of Utah valley, Milagros is a Mexican restaurant with a nice twist to it.  It is located just above Winco on 800 North in Orem.  The establishment has been full or nearly full every time we have visited (during both lunch and dinner hours), yet we have only had to wait to be seated once--so briefly I washed my hands and we were ready to go to our table (miracle, no?).  

Milagros has one of the most interesting back stories I've ever heard.  The owner is surprisingly willing to share his journey in a pretty unvarnished manner which is kind of refreshing.  Once when we were at lunch, he visited our table and told us some of his experiences--he's a really nice guy.  The long and short of it is: they started Rosa's first, Bajio second, helped to build the Harley Davidson dealership (the beautiful building off of 1600 N in Orem), and then started Milagros.  

While I have enjoyed the other restaurants they've started, Milagros is a cut above.  It's pretty clear they learned from earlier experiences and this feels like a masterpiece.  On my first visit our waitress recommended the Queso Fundido as one of our appetizers.  It no sooner arrived at the table then no other queso dip would ever truly do it for me again.  Cheese + cream cheese + sour cream + chiles and spices + heaven (? my own recipe approximation)= queso fundido.  I have never failed to order it upon returning.  In fact, we have been known to make a run to Milagros solely for the queso fundido.  
The Best Ribs I've Ever Tasted 

Milagros also has the best ribs I have ever tasted!  I know what you're thinking: "ribs? at a mexican restaurant?" but they totally work with the menu and sides.  These ribs are AMAZING; they are marinated for 2 days in fruit juice, and then roasted for 8 hours.  Then when you order them they are sauced up and grilled.  They come in two varieties: honey bbq or spicy jalapeno bbq sauce (isn't it unnecessary to call a jalapeno sauce spicy?) and both are delicious.  The spicy jalapeno ribs are maybe a bit hot for anyone that is overly sensitive to spice.  

Another dish that I love is Barry's Pollo Fundido (anyone wanna take a wild stab as to why?).  It is basically a huge chicken burrito/chimichanga covered with ample amounts of queso fundido  (did you guess correctly?  If you did, give yourself a whole Tubby Tuesday point!).  The hardest part about eating at Milagros for me is deciding whether to get the ribs or the pollo fundido.

The sides are also great.  One of Nellie and I's favorite parts of Bajio was their sweet onion that you could have added to your order.  At Milagros they have taken the onion to a whole new level.  Instead of a few sections of onion, you can get a whole sweet onion deliciously caramelized and ready to dig into.  Knowing that onions don't float everyone's boat, I can't say you must try one, but be open to it, even if you don't like onions--otherwise you will never know for sure.  It would be a shame to not just try.  The borracho beans are also a great choice.  They are basically fancy baked beans.  I think they taste pretty good.  

While I already loved Milagros from my first visit, my respect grew when they sat us by the window to the kitchen.  Inside the kitchen is a cool old table where the elite diners get to sit (more on this later).  Above the stove, out of most customers' sight, runs a long shelf that contains some really great BYU memorabilia.  It always makes me happy to see things like that.  I love that it isn't really out for display in the restaurant, but something you have to look for.  On my last visit I found out that my favorite college football coach catches some meals at the VIP table on occasion.  I think Bronco has great taste!

Milagros is a Coke restaurant which is always a plus in Nellie and I's book.  Honestly my only complaint about Milagros is that they aren't open late enough.  I hear they may be open later, but last time I checked the closing time was about 9:00 pm, which is just a little early for us sometimes.  Overall I would implore you to visit Milagros, because Tubby Tuesday is all about making you happier one bite at a time.  Enjoy!
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