Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Picc Line and Biopsy

I'm actually writing this blog post (using Dragon Dictation App) as I drive back to primary children's for the second time today.  After going to work this morning, driving back up at lunch for Yaya's procedure, going to work this evening and then going home and driving back up tonight I'm  just passing 350 miles that I've driven since Friday. I'm exhausted but I'm grateful that things seem to be looking up.  Here's a brief update for today: the doctors came by last night/this morning and told us they were going to be installing A picc line and also biopsying a piece of liver. In order for the picc line to be installed Eva needed to be sedated.  After she was sedated they took a needle and inserted it into her liver In order get some sample pieces of her liver spot so they could better understand what it was.
This Illustrates the Placement of a Picc Line

For those who don't know (which I did not prior) what a picc line is it like a long hose that goes from the upper part of her arm and inside across the shoulder and then down to the chest.  Her antibiotics are going to be injected at the port on the picc line.  Before were able to go home Nellie and I need to be trained on how to clean up and maintain it.  As for the antibiotics it looks like she's going to have them for 14 to 28 days.  They will need to be administered every six hours which means with school starting that she won't be able to attend a full day of school as Nellie will have to pull her out of school early to give her her medicine which takes about a half an hour to administer.  It looks like a long road ahead but hopefully this is a solution that allows Eva to get better!

Yaya's Picc Line in Place

Looking back at Friday morning when I first took her to InstaCare I felt kind of foolish when the first doctor gave me the impression that I was an over-reactive parent.  Every step we took to escalate the care I second guessed what we were doing.  I'm not happy that Eva is sick, but I'm happy we listened to her when she told us how cruddy she felt.
Yaya and Mom Prior to Her Procedure

 We are hoping again that we get to go home tomorrow. If we do, it will feel like the toughest part is over. We are again so grateful for all the support we have received. So many have been so kind to our little family in ways we can never repay!  
Our Bathroom Door at PCMC with Artwork by Eva and Cards From Well Wishers

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