Monday, August 12, 2013

Day Four & Counting...

Here we are at the close of another day. We have almost as few answers as we had coming into the day.  It is mildly frustrating not knowing when the answers will come, but we take comfort knowing we are in the best place possible.  It is easy to have perspective when you're surrounded by those who have it much worse.

Highlights and such of the day: Yaya got to be on tv today.  Kind of.  The Forever Young Zone does a craft show for kids to follow along in their rooms.  Eva wanted to go participate so she could be broadcast on the hospital's tv system.  She was very cute.  They made an art project, a fish in a bowl.  She was looking so amazing with her ratted hair. what do you expect in a hospital?

We also had some visitors: Christopher, a good friend who was in Nellie's photo program at BYU came by and we had a great visit.  He also took some beautiful pictures.  Emily and Becca came with their kiddos--they were here when I rolled in from a visit to work and home.  Mommy B (Jill's mom) brought us a delicious dinner.  We are being supported by so many friends. It has meant a lot to hear words of encouragement from every area of our lives.

We had visits from doctors who specialize in infectious diseases-- the current working theory. They wanted to know what animals she'd been in contact with, what third world countries we'd visited and if anyone in our house is a leper.  It feels a little bit like being in an episode of House, but our doctors are much kinder and there isn't nearly as much drama.

We do know that we will not be headed home tomorrow.  They will biopsy the spot on her liver tomorrow and see what they can find out from there.  We appreciate all the prayers that we have been the recipients of.  We are so humbled by all of the love we feel.  We are happy to answer questions if you have them, chances are we won't have answers, but that's okay.  Goodnight.
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