Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: House For Sale

A few years ago we woke up on an April morning to a "For Sale" sign in our front yard.  The listed price of the house was clearly displayed: $100, sold by esteemed real estate agent Dwight Schrute.  The best part of the sign was where the "by owner" was replaced by "by neighbors."  Of course it was April fools day and some of our funny friends played this clever prank on us.  Funny right?  
Birdie and I and the "For Sale" Sign

The funniest part of the prank came throughout the day.  If you would have asked me if anyone would take the sign seriously, I would have guessed not.  We left it up all day because it was awesome.  It attracted a few unexpected visitors.  The best was the twenty-something-year-old who knocked on my door with his wallet in hand.  He seemed disappointed when I told him it was merely an April fools day prank.  Here he was thinking he'd landed his first real estate deal and I had to dispatch him to that sad reality that although our house is not the most valuable home ever, it was worth at least $200 or more.  Nellie had several great encounters due to our sign also.  Guess it goes to show you it wasn't a very good joke after all.  A good joke never needs to be explained.  
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