Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tubby Tuesday: Nicolitalia Pizzeria

Who doesn't love a great slice of pizza?  Seriously.  My daughter Birdie, I suppose, but other than that.... Michael Scott once taught me that pizza is the great equalizer.  Just about everyone likes it.

I'm not like most people.  I LOVE pizza.  I crave pizza often.  Even when I don't crave pizza I'm still willing to eat it.  My friend and I once tried to eat a pizza THIS BIG:
Big Pizza (not from Nicolitalia's)

I didn't want to eat pizza again for about 17 hours or so.  As a pizza lover, I have some places that are very special to me which I plan on featuring on Tubby Tuesday in the future.  Today, I wanted to feature Nicolitalia Pizzeria--mainly because I have heard so much about it and finally got to try it.

Nicolitalia Pizzeria is authentic Boston pizza (sorry Boston, but I didn't know you had your own pizza style...is that just because NY and Chicago had theirs so you had to have your own?) and they make of point of highlighting anything on their menu they can add an "ah" to  ie: appetizahs, gahden salad etc.  I guess that's to help those of us who can't speak with a Boston accent (which of course we all can because we saw Goodwill Hunting on tv at least once and....I digress).  It is located at 2295 N University Parkway in Provo, which is in the shopping center south of Movies 8.  When we pulled up I knew their food had to be decent at least to still be in business because most of my life it's seemed that this is a location that restaurants go to die.

Nellie and I walked in and immediately felt like this was a hole in the wall feel.  That was the first thing I liked about it.  We decided to order the baked ravioli and the Nicolitalia's Special pizza, deep dish style because one of us doesn't like thin crust pizza (and it's not me).  The pizza came with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and peppahs (incredibly kind of Nellie because she isn't a fan of mushrooms and I love them--isn't she great?).

The eating area has a slight cafeteria feel to it, almost as though the ambience doesn't matter much at all--you're there for great pizza.  There were some fun hand drawn signs on the wall that made me smile.  My favorite is the one on the bottom right of this photo that says "Sure, you can find a cheaper pizza. But then you have to eat it."

Since Nicolitalia's is a Pepsi place, I may or may-not have traipsed across University Parkway to the Jimmy John's and purchased a Diet Coke.  Our food was ready pretty quickly.  First the ravioli came out.
Nicolitalia Pizzeria Baked Ravioli
They looked a little well done, but they tasted just fine.  They weren't my favorite of all time, but they were pretty delicious still.  Not long after our pizza was ready.  

The pizza was a thing of beauty.  The first thing I noticed was they used authentic, fresh mozzarella cheese, so there were globs in some areas and less or none in other areas.  I love fresh mozzarella because it adds so much extra flavor and dimension to the pizza.  The toppings were plentiful and fresh.  My first bite was perfect!  The crust was bready, but had a nice crunch to it that is rare in pizza.   Each subsequent bite was delicious.  
Fresh Mozzarella in all its glory
Part way through our meal the couple at the table next to us had their pizza slide off the table and end up on the floor.  We thought about offering them half of our pizza, but before we could the owners of the restaurant came out, cleaned it up, and offered to make them a new one!  I was impressed by the quick attention and their desire to make it a good dining experience for this couple.  I already enjoyed their pizza, but watching that made me want to support their restaurant even more.  

Overall, I really enjoyed Nicolitalia Pizzeria, and would give it solid endorsement.  It's certainly my favorite pizza place in Utah county that I have tried.  There are some pizza places that I will review in future Tubby Tuesday's that I like better, but they are all further north.  We will definitely be back and will be anxious to try more pizza, because I like pizza, and I love a good pizza.  
Nicolitalia Pizzeria on Urbanspoon
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