Monday, October 7, 2013

Tubby Tuesday: The Pie Pizzeria

Welcome to Tubby Tuesday where I introduce to you my favorite places to eat around the Wasatch Front.  Today marks the concluding entry in my best pizza trifecta.  As I have mentioned in other posts regarding pizza, I am always in the mood for pizza.  I love pizza and have immensely enjoyed eating pizza at different establishments around Utah.  Two weeks ago I wrote about ESTE Pizzeria which offers, in my opinion, the best New York style pizza around.  Last week I wrote about Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria which has a wonderful stuffed pizza.  Today we are visiting the place I prefer above all others: The Pie Pizzeria.  

First of all, I'll admit that it's odd for me to love The Pie as much as I do.  Primarily because the original restaurant location is a mere number of steps away from the University of Utah campus.  Although my parents met as students at the U, I'm not the biggest Ute fan there is.  My first visit to The Pie was several years ago.  Located underground in a Cheers-like setting, it feels like stepping into another world.  The original location has brick walls that are covered in names, words, micro-graffiti and the effect is really awesome.  It's a decent sized restaurant and it's been pretty busy every time I have been there. 
The Wall at The Pie

A visit to The Pie at the wrong time can bring a long line to wait in, but they have always been fairly quick even when the crowd has been large.  The first recommendation I have is to order the cheese pull-aparts.  Filled to the gill inside with mozzarella cheese, there is ample stretching as you try to pull a piece off to devour.  Very simply made, they are the perfect appetizer to prepare you for some amazing pizza.  
Cheese Pull-a-parts...Delish

The pizza at The Pie is very filling.  I have never completed a pizza at the restaurant unless we were in a large party.  When Nellie and I go, we are lucky to finish four or five pieces between us.  This is because the pies are loaded with toppings, cheese, and are plenty greasy.  Although the load of grease might make you feel guilty, the pizzas taste wonderful.  

Their pepperoni pizza is simple: pepperoni hidden underneath ample cheese.  It is also one of my favorite pizzas around.  My favorite pizza at The Pie is the buffalo chicken pizza.  I have had buffalo chicken pizza from quite a few establishments and have never found one to rival The Pie's version.  Loaded with sliced chicken and buffalo sauce, covered in mozzarella cheese and topped with onions it's the perfect marriage of my two favorite football foods: pizza and wings.  I'm pretty sure I could eat this pizza all the time and never get tired of it.  
Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  You May Never Look at Pizza the Same Way Again

If you really want to have an adventure you have to try the ApocolyptDough for your pizza crust.  Mixed into the crust is a blend of hot spices that add wonderful flavor to your pie, I recommend it for the buffalo chicken pizza.  

The Pie serves Coke products, a plus for our family.  They also have some good salads and cinnamon dessert pies, if you have any room for them.  

While we were at Primary Childrens with Birdie, I went to pick up a pizza from their take out location, just around the corner from their original location.  The employee noticed my parents badge and told me that they could deliver to PCMC for free.  He asked how we were doing and really seemed to care.  In a hard time in our lives one guy who was very genuine really touched my heart.  It made me like The Pie that much more.  

The Pie has locations in Midvale, Ogden and South Jordan also.  I have not visited the Midvale or Ogden locations, but have been to the South Jordan location quite a few times and the pizza is of identical quality there.  

Don't go on a full stomach, don't go on anything but a completely empty stomach, but go.  You will love the pizza, and if you don't, you can always bring me a slice or two.  

I hope you've enjoyed my tour of pizza.  To me, The Pie, Este, and Sweet Home Chicago represent the best pizza that Utah has to offer.  If you have any suggestions that I have overlooked, feel free to comment below. 

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