Wednesday, October 9, 2013


By Nell.  When Eva was an itty bit, I made her a doll we named "Lottie" which was short for "LaDiabla," Eva's angry alter-ego.  Her 2-year-old self loved that doll to death, and carted her around everywhere in her favorite pink boots--usually with a pair of tattered wings.  Lulu wears those same pink boots, now cracked and holey,  everywhere.  Recently she has latched on to Lottie and drags her around, which if Eva sees, raises holy heck in the house.  I decided this week that Lulu needs her own Lottie, and since it's her 3rd birthday on Saturday, I figured the timing was perfect.  I named her doll Betty because I love that name, and it's on Trev's "heck no" list for girl names.  Lu loves loves loves her.  I gave her to Lulu this morning and she was jumping up and down in excitement.  She caressed her hair and said, "Betty has puppy dog hair too!" which is how she has her hair done most days.  We had several errands to do this morning, and Betty came along too.  I loved catching a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of Lu adoring her and kissing her.  It makes the time involved worth every minute.  There's nothing better than having something you made be loved.  Moments like these make me feel fulfilled and content and happy with my chosen full-time job of motherhood.    

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