Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Want The Ugly Crap!

Yesterday I came home to find my loved ones around the computer.  Seated on Nellie's lap was Lulu, the soon to be birthday girl.  They were online shopping for a Pillow Pet for Eleanor's birthday courtesy of her Nana and Papa.  Lulu has been hauling her siblings "Perry the Platypus" and "Dumbo" pillow pets around and it was clear that it was time for her to have her very own pillow that becomes a pet.

If you aren't familiar with Pillow Pets they come in many cute varieties as pictured below:
There are also Disney pillow pets:
Then there is the ugliest pillow pet they make:

Which one do you think Lulu had her heart set on?  That is right, the ugly multi-colored unicorn pillow pet that looks more like a bad joke than anything else.  Can you imagine if a piece of brightly colored candy got caught in its mange?  You'd never be able to find it again.  Like camouflage for kid colored gunk.  Nellie was trying to suggest the zebra, but Lulu was determined to have her first choice.  I piped up from the back "that looks uglier than crap," to which she emphatically replied "I want the ugly crap!!"

We laughed and laughed and in the end Nellie, in a bit of mothering magic, convinced her to pick the butterfly.  With the decision made, the window was closed out before she could change her mind.  Heaven forbid she got her own way and we had an ugly toy in the house.  Not sure why we fought it.  Funny the battles you choose with a soon-to-be 3 year old.
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