Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Update That Is Really No Update At All...

Today we took Tutt and Lulu to visit Yaya.  They hadn't been able to see her since Friday morning and Tutt was particularly concerned about his little sister.  When I returned home last night I came home to an immaculate house that Tutt and his aunt Alexis had cleaned.  Tutt has been amazing through all of this, so mature and caring.  He and Lulu had made cute cards for Yaya and thy were excited to give them to her.  After church we came home and gathered up all our supplies. Nellie had a long list of things we needed up at Primary Children's.  Some of our neighbors had brought by gifts for Yaya that we packed also.
Yaya in the Wheelchair She Loves to Be Pushed

When we arrived at PCMC, it was like Christmas! She had several presents to open, but she was even excited about the toys of hers that we'd brought. She couldn't believe that we knew all the toys and DVDs she wanted. It's amazing what happens when your mom knows everything about you.
Yaya (right), Lulu (center) and Their Cousin Hulk

Tutt Playing the Wii in the Forever Young Zone

Tutt and Lulu joined Yaya on a trip to the Forever Young Zone. The FYZ is a really neat amazing toy room where kids can go and forget they are in a hospital for a while.  Yaya needed some medicine changed out and our nurse told us they don't allow them to do any medical procedures in the FYZ. I thought that was really neat. The FYZ is named after Steve Young who I can only assume donated some serious cash to help pay for the amazing facility. Never hurts to have a tie to a BYU great if you want me to think something is amazing.
Great Display Outside the Forever Young Zone

Yaya has been feeling better today, her fever has been down and she's been more perky.  When her medicine starts to wear off, you can see it in her mood, but she's been a trooper.

We got visits from Grandma and Grandpa Perkins, Great-Grandpa Perkins, Aunt Alexis, Aunt Briahnna and Uncle Davin and their two cute squishy children.  We closed out the night with a visit from some of our favorite friends Jill and Brian.  Jill and Brian know far more about PCMC than I ever hope to.  Their littlest one was a heart patient ere as a newborn and is doing great a couple years later. It was very nice to sit and laugh with them.  It's nice to forget about life for a while.

We'll have a busy morning tomorrow as we're gong to get some results about  how the antibiotics are working.  If the spot on her liver has shrunken, I imagine we'll be on the way home. If not, the next step sounds like a biopsy and possible surgery.  We hope for the best, but are trying to be prepared for anything.
Yaya at the End of Another Long Day

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