Thursday, August 15, 2013

Diagnosis and What's To Come

Yesterday as I sat at work my phone buzzed and I looked down at a text message that removed all my focus.  It's been tough trying to work this week and be focused on the task at hand, so the fact I had been was a miracle in and of itself.  It was from Nellie and it read: "Finally! Good news. Preliminary pathology report came back.  The spot is an abscess, not a tumor.  We are most likely looking at just infection which means we can go home tomorrow with the iv antibiotics for a few weeks."

First of all, isn't it impressive that my wife punctuates text messages?  It's nice.  A dying art really.  It's hard to express the joy and relief that washed over me.  Even though we have been confident all along that all would be well, it always bothered me not having answers.  It was nice to have an answer, even if it's just a preliminary answer.  I was anxious to drive up to PCMC immediately and take them home.  Unfortunately, hospitals don't move that fast.  Even with the great news, there is much to do before we can actually be discharged.  We have to be trained on how to care for the picc line.  We have to sign a ton of documents I am sure.  The good news is, we are going home!

One of our friends told us to not tell anyone we were coming home or it would be delayed, so I'm not saying when just that we are.  Yaya is feeling back to normal for the most part.  Along with feeling better, she is also sassy and bossy.  Being spoiled in the hospital is tough on a little girl who has to adjust to regular life again.  In many ways she was treated like a princess for the last week: unlimited meals in bed, toys that come with meals, every visitor seems like they brought a gift with them, all of her messes were cleaned up, she was allowed to dictate what was on tv at all times.  She also had unlimited access to crafts and art supplies that she could start and finish whenever she wanted.  Transitioning back to limits is going to be fun.  We're excited to get back to "normal."

She is going to be on antibiotics for six weeks is what we are being told right now.  We are lucky that she is going to be on a slow drip type of system so she won't have to be taken out of school for her medicine.  She gets to wear a fanny pack of shame to hold her medicine.  I hope it doesn't prevent her from making first grade friends.  Being the kid with a weird fanny pack might help, what do I know?  Part of the reason she is going to be on the antibiotics for so long is because the abscess isn't drain-able.  The liquid in it is thick, like a syrup and is not conducive to normal drainage.  

We are relieved that this chapter is closing.  Nellie has been a trooper and has been at her side non-stop since Saturday morning.  I'm certain she can't wait to sleep in her bed again.  Scott and Lulu are sure to be thrilled to have mom and dad back.  They have been very well taken care of by Alexis who all-but stopped her own life this week to help us out.  We are so grateful to her for her love and patience!  I'm not certain when real sleep will come, but I am sure it's going to be deep and long when it does.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along and has asked about Eva.  We have felt the power of prayers in our behalf!  We have felt divine peace and guidance though wearied along the way.  We have felt so loved and humbled by everyone rallying around us.  We have heard from those great friends that you can go years without talking to and the bonds still feel strong as every.  We have been able to visit with some great people who were willing to do anything to help us out.  There have been so many sacrifices made in our behalf that we won't ever be able to repay--mainly because we know what they meant to us.  

Perhaps now we can go back to what this blog was intended for: to serve as a window into our lives.  I have been the dominant voice here, but Nellie has plenty to say.  She wants to share from her own perspective the events of the last week.  I am sure it will be much more eloquent, but I am okay with that.  This has been a great way for us to communicate.  We love all of you!
Thank you Primary Children's for taking Eva from this:
To This!

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