Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family Pictures

I wasn't planning on having family pictures today.  While running out the door to go Thanksgiving dinner, I grabbed my camera on a whim, thinking I might want it.  My kids were all wearing clean clothes and had their hair fixed, which is an event even unto itself, so when we got to MammaGrandpa's house (as Birdie calls it), I thought I'd snap a few of the kids.  Becca came out to help me with the arm-waggling, funny sound making, attention-getting part (thank you Becca).  It went very well and super fast, so as an after thought, Trev and I jumped in the shot to see if we could get one of us all together.  Becca obliged, and snapped a bunch.  The whole process took maybe 10-15 minutes, and I was rather pleased with what we got.

I didn't coordinate or plan any of our outfits, I didn't hunt for weeks for the perfect accessory or shirt; it's just a picture of my family wearing what we happened to be wearing.  I love them.  I especially love how non-stressful a production it was in comparison to any other time we have tried to take family pictures.

Now, hold on CFA, (that's Control Freaks of America), don't kick me out of the club just yet.  I certainly still have my issues.  Had this been a real planned family picture, you can bet that nary a hair would be out of place (especially Trev's pesky ones...haha...kidding honey).  I'd have the perfect pops of colors strategically placed based on predetermined posing.  My eyes would reflect the crazy frantic desperation of a mom wanting each smile and tilt of the head to be on cue.  And of course my children would be far less cooperative, as is there job when they can sense that something is really important.  :) All I'm saying, dear CFA, of which I am a card-carrying member, it was nice for such a serendipitous occasion to present itself without the frazzled mom as a bi-product.  
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